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Why PBN is useful for your SEO

PBN, also known as Private Blog Network is one of the ways you can build links to your money site (where you make money from). It is one of the SEO techniques that were widely used since few years ago. Building links through websites takes a long time and usually businesses would want the fastest way to rank higher. That’s where PBN comes in – it is the fastest way to build links.

What is PBN?

PBNs consists of websites with domains that are dead and expired. Some of these websites have good value in terms of metrics, which is why it is essential to get domains that have good value with alot of backlinks.

How PBN helps your website?

In order to rank higher in Google, it is essential to have many backlinks on Google. To get proper backlinks, it is a slow process. With PBNs, you get to create as many backlinks as possible in a short amount of time. You’ll be able to rank your site within a few weeks on Google.

Downsides to PBN

With a wide range of PBNs, it will eventually be difficult to manage due to the fact that there are just too many. You’ll have to consider the spam, hackers, bills of the bought domains and many more. Most importantly, you’ll be at risk of getting caught by Google and have risk of being penalized.
All in all, PBNs are still worth investing in 2019. It still does the job well by increasing the rank of your money site. Though investing in a PBN have a high risk as once Google catches you, your site will immediately be penalized and be deindexed from Google. Check out SEO Christchurch in order to find out if they have any PBN as most SEO agencies would have their own PBN.